Sharing Knowledge to Empower and Educate Others to Make Positive Changes to Improve their Quality of Life

Online Neuro Physio was established in 2015 with the concept to create a hub where specialised information could be easily accessed online throughout the world. The information, support and guidance that can be provided through the internet is vast and life changing.

Through goal setting, symptom management and preventative care the team at Online Neuro Physio will help guide you to successful self-management, improved functional ability and quality of life.

Online Neuro Physio also offers clincial support for therapist working in isolation with neurological clients who are seeking accessible regular ongoing education and professional or clinical support.

The team at Online Neuro Rehab are based in Auckland, New Zealand where they all work as Physiotherapists specialising in the Neurological client for the parent company Rope Neuro Rehabilitation. The team are passionate about improving quality of life of those living with a chronic condition and pride themselves on their professionalism and standard of care.

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