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Q: What is a Webinar?

A: A Webinar is a group presentation that is conducted over the internet through the website Anymeeting. This allows you to relax in the comfort of your home or workplace and view the presentation.
You are able to interact with the presenter and have access to notes.

Q: Can people see or hear me?

A: No one can you see or hear you when you a watching a Webinar presentation. You do have an option to write questions to the presenter during the Webinar, however they will not be able to see you.
The only person you will be able to view is the presenter.

Q: Can I Pause the Webinar?

A: If you are attending a webinar, these presentations are completed in real time. This means that you are unable to pause the presentation. Once the Webinar has started it will continue for the full running time. If the presentation is longer the one and a half hours there will be a scheduled 5 minute break period.

If you have purchased a pre recorded webinar, you will be able to pause the presentation at any point

Q: Do I have to pay in advance for the Webinar?

A: To be able to book your spot on the Webinar, you must pay prior to attending. This is done via PayPal, or Bank transfer if previously agreed. It is important that you fill out the contact information sheet as well as the PayPal in order to book your spot.

Q: What is a Neurological Physiotherapist?

A: A Neurological Physiotherapist is a Physiotherapist who is specialising in the area of the Brain and Spinal Cord. It encompasses all Neurological Diseases, Vestibular Rehabilitation and Spinal Cord Injury

Q: How will an Online Consultation Work?

A: Once you have registered your details with the chosen service through the website, a Online Neuro Physiotherapist will contact you to work out a time that is suitable to complete the consultation. Online Neuro Physio uses the computer programme Anymeeting to complete the consultation. Once the consultation has been completed, you will be required to pay via PayPal or bank transfer.

Q: What is Anymeeting?

A: Anymeeting is an online service that allows meetings to occur over the internet in a safe, easily accessable website. All information is protected and will be easily accessed by you. An email will be sent to you with a link to click at the time of the scheduled meeting, this will take you to the right place... easy!

Q: Do I have to have an Initial Consultation?

A: If you are wanting to receive 1:1 Consultations, it is important that an initial consultation is completed first. You will be given a quick question sheet to answer prior to the meeting and this allows the therapist to read and gather any appropriate information to give to you during the session.

Q: How long is an Initial Consultation?

A: An initial Consultation can be up to 90 minutes, dependant on preparation time and exercise programme design. The session will not be shorter than 60 minutes.

Q: Who can attend the Neuro Webinars?

A: The Neurological Webinars are designed for both people living with specific Neurological conditions and those who are interested in learning more about the condition. It is recommended that Therapists use the therapist development Webinars

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