Rope Neuro Rehab presents an educational evening on on the Wednesday 19th of October- Please purchase a ticket to the session you would like to attend below.

Sessions $30 each or $50 for both

Student Concession $40 for both sessions (with current student ID Card)

Facial Therapy - $30

Facial palsy is commonly seen with many Neurological conditions including Bell’s palsy, Stroke and Neuromuscular disease. In this talk we will cover the theory associated with facial palsy including differences in upper and lower motor neurone conditions, assessment tools, outcome measures and the involvement of physiotherapy and medical management.

Post Polio Syndrome / Late Effects of Polio - $30

Post Polio Syndrome/Late Effects of Polio: What is it? What do we need to consider? What resources are there? 

In this talk we will cover the Pathophysiology of Polio and the definition of Post Polio Syndrome and the late effects of Polio. We will discuss common issues in the aging Polio body and the role of Allied health services. We will cover assessment tools, available resources, and future resource plans and case studies.

Buy Now Combined Price - $50

Buy Now Student Rate - $40

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